Friday 16 July 2021

'On bended knee is no way to be free'

Can you Be.....
just like a sunflower:
shine without fear.
Bold, beautiful,
perhaps confrontational for others....
because it looks bigger and brighter
than all the other flowers...
always moving to the sun....

Can you be authentic?
Shine and also move to the spotlight when needed?
Can you let others shine as well,
Can you be bold AND forgiving.....

We are still in the energy of Cancer,
a time of letting go of old emotions,
and be there for our selves and others.
Time to restore our energy,
so we can create again.
Taking time, investigate, being patient,
being honest, forgive and move on.....

Yesterday, Chiron, 
the 'wounded healer' went retrograde:
the coming time we get chances 
to heal parts in our selves
that are afraid to step up,
to use YOUR energy,
take action so you can live
the life you want to.

It is the sign of Aries...
The sign of being courageous, confident,
honest, passionate, 
optimistic and determent.
Also the sign of being impatient, moody,
short tempered, impulsive and being aggressive.

We get mirrors, triggers
and... a choice:
'are we lost in projection
or are we aware of the projector...'

Do you dear to be authentic?
Do you dear to be honest, confrontational
being humorful, friendly and vulnerable?
Can you forgive and connect?

In Holland a journalist was murdered,
shot in the head....
He choose to live a life to stand up
for people who couldn't do it for themselves.
Well informed and honest......
so even with friends he had heated discussions.
Or do I have to say:
'as a true friend, he informed himself
and didn't allow anyone to cut corners,
Especially not with his friends.'

He investigated crime, helped parents
find justice for their children,
and by that was threatened a lot 
by organised crime.

He choose to speak up
and also choose not to have police security:
'I want to live my life,
I am careful, only.....
I don't want to live in fear
than 'they win'
and I am not true to myself...'

He had a tattoo on his leg:
'on bended knee is no way to be free'..

Is he mirroring our fear?
Fear of being ourselves,
fear of speaking up,
fear that we 'will die'
if we are our true self,
if we are authentic?

Is he also mirroring our comfort zone,
getting information in an 'easy way',
not checking the fact,
only looking at one side,
so we don't have to be hold accountable....
'someone else will deal with it,
I am not 
good enough/strong enough/smart enough/etc etc..'

Do we stay on 'bended knee'
because we are afraid to be free?!?

After the shooting, someone said:
'He fought for all of us, 
now it is time he fights for himself!'

A lot of people were worried for him
and wanted him to take extra protection...
he didn't want to....
he did what he thought was best.

When I looked at his chart
I realised, that this person made a good point:
he helped everyone,
fought for them,
he didn't do it for himself......

This could also be a mirror:
are we ready to take good care of ourselves,
set boundaries when needed
if we can not do it....yet....
ask for help.....
Do we realize,
we don't have to do it all by ourselves...

No electricity in Lebanon,
heat waves in Canada,
lot's of rain and floods,
in parts of Germany, Belgium and Holland....
Also mirrors, triggers.....

It looks to me, 
that we are not ready for the next step...yet....
How do we deal with nature,
did Corona 'help' us to go inside 
and heal and change some habits 
or do we need more triggers/mirrors.......

Let's use the Chiron energy the coming months,
to heal our wound.
Being honest, optimistic, determent,
courageous, confident and passionate.
And also patient with ourselves
if we are moody or short tempered.....
Remember we are 'just healing'.....


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