Monday 19 October 2020

Conspiracy theory's...

 Is the Coronavirus fate 

or an inner situation of our society that is not conscious....


Yesterday on Dutch television 

Arjan Lubach talked about conspiracy theory's

and how people come to these idea's.

You see demonstrations 

and the first thing you see

is emotion......fighting against,

-even threads-

 instead of 'fighting for' something.

You hear fear....

and instead of looking at their own fear,

it is easier to fight against.....

'I read it on internet,

saw it on you tube.'

I wrote a blog about 'social dilemma'

the documentary on Netflix 

and he made it visual.

Arjan Lubach talks about algorithm and social media,

about earning money,

about advertisement.

'We as people like sensation, 

that is why we love gossip,

story's that are unbelievable....or not?!?

This what social media is using.....

this is how advertisement is working,

people keep on 'clicking'....

Reading one kind of newspaper is making a tunnel vision.

That is how social media is working....

Facts are not important anymore.....

it's about opinions.....

Algorithms are there to sell advertisement,

not to help you find what is true.....

So Facebook and twitter are checking now

about facts,

Is censoring a real solution?

No....we should think for our selves....

Like the one person on 'social dilemma' said:

'I read also the information that I don't agree with,

so I can make up my own mind.'

Arjan Lubach had a great way of explaining

what is going on on social media platforms.

'When you go to the supermarket, 

everyone sees the same.

What if you go in and you focus on energy drinks and

all of a sudden the whole aisle is changing,

and is full of all kinds of sorts of energy drinks. 

The rest of the supermarket is changing as well:

what there was before,

isn't there anymore:

 you don't see it.

You see rows with crisps because that fits with energy drinks.

If you look good you will find vegetables and fruit,

but that is not so easy.

You see a warning on the bags with crisps bags:

'vegetables and fruit

are very dangerous for your health'.

You gain weight and when you read

the small letters on the energy drink can,

you read that it is because

'there is pedophile courgette in the building'.

The scary thing is,

that if you talk to your neighbour

you don't realise he is in the same shop,

because he sees a total different shop.'

Do we want to go back to normal?!?
What is normal?!?
I don't like to be an algorithm,
I like to be me,
to choose what I desire,
to use my ability to think for myself.....

Because of the algorithm on social media,
we each live in a different world.
And if there is fear
it can be a scary world.
If you don't realise this
there can be a lot of misunderstanding....
even between loved ones and in family's.

The only way to change this,
is if these platforms change it and regulate this....
Will they?
They earn a lot of money this way....
Will government do something? 

I AM responsible.....
How ethical am I?
How is my integrity?
What do I read,
do I check,
or do I follow....
without realising....

The year 2020 is for me the year to become conscious,

a year of letting go what is not good anymore,

and keep what is good.

Most challenging: finding out what is good and what not.....

Keeping internet,

and make rules so advertisement and earning money

is not the key, but information is the key.

Realising we need rules to live as a society

and also realising we are powerful

and can be responsible for ourselves and others.

Also realising that we are vulnerable:

we can be manipulated

and can manipulate...

The more I accepted me,

accepted fear,

the more love I could let in.

The more patience I had with my self

the quicker the process went.

Let's stay healthy

stay safe

Be happy

and enjoy every day,

realising we have a mind of our own....

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