Monday 12 October 2020

Let wisdom grow.....part 2


Can we deal with grief or do we hide it?

The program books are about a society 

where adults decided that there is an epidemic....

an epidemic of suicide.....

In this society 

adults do anything to stop the pain,

to 'help' teenagers.

They invented a cure: grief management.

Teenagers who are not happy

or experiences hurtful situations

are admitted.

They have a cure for it:

deleting these hurtful memories...

Do we have to 'delete' memory's to have a good life,

or is erasing memory's 

'as killing a younger version of you'

and does it prevent you from growing?

Is it possible not to deal with your pain,

your painful memory's

and still be happy?

I don't think so.....

and in these book you see what happens if you do....

What do we see in our society?

Do we deal with pain,

or do we like to 'delete' painful memories 

and do we see the pain around us

as illnesses.....

physical and mental....

'a virus'....

In the program books, 

adults are afraid,

afraid of seeing the pain in their children.

Are they mirroring their own hurt/pain?!?

Did they forget they have a choice?

Is it as in our society?

Do we want everyone to be happy in an instant?

Are we allowed to feel pain, and hurt,

are we allowed to 'grow'?

What is wrong with taking your time

to deal with challenging situations in your life?

Why should we compare?

Why can we not be 'just the way we are',


and accept challenges and pain/hurt

as stepping stones....

growing pains...

Reading these books I realise one's more

that our memory's are important


that pain from painful memories

will stay until you decide to deal with it.

Suppressing it or delating it

will not work...

It will 'kill you'.....

kill your unique way of being,

being happy and at peace..

As a child you couldn't always be yourself,

you needed others,

and because of that you experienced pain.

Painful memories where born...

Not because people wanted to hurt you.

No, I believe that our Soul needs this

to become whole again.

Growing up 

means dealing with this pain

and being YOU again.

Accepting that you are part of a community

and find a balance to be

AND you,

AND part of the whole.

Do we realise that everything is energy

and energy will always stay one way

till we transform it.

Pain and hurt can transform into anger and illness,

or, if you add Love,

can transform in respect and healing.

Are we prepared to grow wisdom,

or is the fear of pain bigger....

and do we prefer to delete painful memory's,

instead of starting to heal.

How do we do this in our society?

With the blast in Beirut,

a lot of pain came out 

from the people 

who remembered the war 

when they were kids....

These memory's, this pain couldn't be deleted...

it needed to be dealt with....

The Covid 19 pandemic.

How much pain is there inside of us,

that we like to delete.....

and that is not possible anymore:

memory's come out.....

Do we choose to transform the fear and pain,

can we feel our unique power,

and be part of the healing of society?

People are stronger than they realise

and love will always 'win'.

YOU are so much stronger than you realise....

'Knowledge + love= Wisdom'

Do we choose wisdom or knowledge... 

Do we realise we live in a perfect world:

a world in progress,

a world of growing,

a world of difference,

an unique world....

with unique people

all different and all part of each other.

Respecting each other,

feeling the pain and the hurt

and Knowing we can BE there for each other


Know we all have our unique power.

We keep moving.

Our fathers/ governments/leaders

will mirror our own leadership

and our own fear.

Can we respond or do we react,

do we trust that there is a bigger power,

or do we believe 'we are alone in this'

I saw the documentary from David Attenbourogh

'Life at our planet'

Nature is amazing and so powerful.

'We should use wisdom.....

People can not live without nature,

nature can live without people.....'

The Covid 19 virus shows us how powerful nature is,

lets start to remember....

let's communicate about it,

let's find a way that's best for all,

let's start with our selves,

let's grow wisdom....

and accept the 'stepping stones of growing'

Deal with our fears and pain

and add Love to knowledge.

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