Monday 26 October 2020

Love and forgiveness.....part 1

 This Mercury retrograde period is in two signs, 

Scorpio and Libra.

From Oct. 28 till Nov. 11 it is in Libra,

so the energy the coming 2 weeks is different

from the last 2 weeks.

Till Nov 3 retrograde, 

it is time to look inside 

and after that

we will see the results 

of what we dealt with inside of us:

in the world and in our own lives.

Did you deal with your emotions, 

did you find your passion

and can you share it now with others 

AND respect others opinions?

Can see see them as mirrors

or do you expect THEM to change....

Be kind to yourself,

take you time,

and realise that everything is not always as you think it is....

Honour yourself.

How do You honour yourself?

I got a great mirror:

An orange cap for me was beautiful, cute

and brought love to my heart.

Not only to me, but to lot's of people around me.

Later I heard that a orange cap had a special meaning:

'take extra care, perhaps something is not as it should be'.

Do you realise the difference in energy?

What would be a more healing energy

for the person wearing the cap?

How do you talk to yourself?

I did a lot of Reiki initiations.

A lot of people learned to use their self healing power.

How many of those use it still for them selves?

Do they all remember 

that only 10 minutes a day would make a huge different?

Something so easy to do,

and still:

it is like drinking water.....

so important for our body and mind,

so easy.......

Both of them are so easy to do and....

also easy not to do....

You have to make a conscious choice..

A choice for Self-love....

Is there a part in us that 'thinks' 

that life and healing has to be difficult 

and hard work,

that we have to deserve love 

instead of realising we ARE love...

Is our immature ego taking over?

Do we give ourselves exactly the time 

we need to grow and heal

or did someone/society let us believe

that quick is better than slow.....

As if each of us 

didn't need a different time to learn how to walk,

as if each of us 

didn't need a different time to learn how to ride a bike


is the one who needed less time to learn how to walk or to ride a bike

a better walker or biker 

and we remember?!?

Let's give ourselves time and remember the end result,

let's keep that in mind,

like you did when you wanted to walk or ride the bike....

Take your unique time....

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