Wednesday 14 October 2020

Fear, courage and....patience

 I worked in the garden and saw a 'visitor' on my sleeve,

a snail....

The message of the snail:

-it's slime protects the skin and gives it the ability to go over every surface....

-the ability to feel safe in your own skin.

-it can slowly go long distances.

-perseverance: slow and steady growth.

-dedicated to the people they love.

-very intuitive, difficult to predict and needs time to be alone

-feels on a deeper level.

-challenge to ask for help: you don't have to do everything yourself.....

What a great message

for us all.....

In Holland there is a partial lockdown again for 4 weeks.

Something no one likes and.....

you see the fear again:

fear of the virus on one side

and fear of loss of freedom on the other side.

Will we go on projecting 

or do we take this chance

-Mercury went retrograde opposite Uranus today-

to go inside and feel 

where we block our own freedom....

Can we stay calm inside and take action....

Do we have the courage to change from the inside,

or are we protesting against the rules....

realising that protecting against,

gives us more what we don't want.....

'The world changes by your example,

not by your opinion'

How compassionate are you?

Do you call people who are alone, vulnarable?

What is your action to be there for others?

Do you take time with your self

to heal, to feel safe?

What is your action to be there for yourself?

How are you being treated?

Do you feel powerless,

or you you hear the lack of power in other people?

Do you feel respected and loved,

or do you hear the lack of respect and love in other people?

Do you feel fear,

or do you feel courage,

and is it from a calm place

or from an anxious place...

It seems that we need more time with ourselves....

and we get that now.

We still can be there for each other.

If we all choose to take time to heal ourselves,

automatically we heal the world.

Do we choose to deal with our grief,

do we take time to do that?

I think we did already:

there are more people with covid 19 infections,

but less people in the hospitals, on the ic's,

and less people die.

So something is going well,

only.....not good enough.....

Let's take the next step,

so when Saturn goes into Aquarius in December,

we can make a new start.

Taking responsibility for our selves and each other,

not because someone tells us,

but because we choose to.

Being different doesn't mean you have to 

fight or being against something.....that is old energy...

Being different and being courageous  means you are

'fighting' FOR something.....

Let's fight to heal ourselves,

be ourselves,

use our courage to deal with our own issues,

so we can have a society

were everyone is being seen,

were there is respect,

compassion and understanding.

The snail....

What a great message......

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