Tuesday 20 October 2020

Live your life....

 I saw the movie 'After the wedding'


A movie about living and dying,

about honesty and integrity,

about being a victim and leaving a legacy,

about pain and love,

memory's and hope,

letting go and new beginnings.

A movie, that shows life.....

Do you do what YOU want or

what is best for the other?

Do you live YOUR live and let others live their life

or do you 'think' you know best....

At the end of the movie,

you see 

that she choose to let go 

of her adopted child

to go to her biological child 

to help millions of children......

How do you see the world now?

A world that is being transformed and 'helped'

or a world that is not a safe place anymore......

Do I sound like a broken record ;-)

Perhaps I need a reminder myself......

being patient....

taking it step by step....

In December Saturn will go in Aquarius:

are we responsible enough not to need restrictions from higher up,

are we responsible enough to take care of our selves AND others

or do we need more time....


I am still not sure how much it does,

but I don't mind wearing it if it helps people feel safe.

I realise that a part of 'not liking it' 

has nothing to do with the mask,

it has to do with a feeling

that I am not allowed to say what I 'want' to say.....

and.....that is an old energy.....

'After the wedding'......

Truth, betrayal, honesty.
We don't have to die first 
to make things right....
We can choose everyday to live a good life
if there are hidden memory's,
that we need to address:
life will make sure they come up.

The energy now,
'asks' us to go in within.
We can not go to bars and restaurants,
but we can still go into nature.....
and be....

Nature shows us how beautiful transformation can be....

And as someone mentioned -thank you Loes-
in all this letting go 
you also see
there is new life starting!

A little, baby mushroom is growing next to the big one :-)

Instead of worrying about all the people who don't want to change,
we better focus on our selves


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