Friday 23 October 2020


 And then

she is here...

A new generation is born...

We are blessed with a granddaughter

with the beautiful name of Zoe, meaning 'life'.

Isn't it special that all kind of new souls

decided to come to this world 

in this special year.

A reminder to us all

that we can decide to 'live'

instead of to survive.

I hope that all these new souls

will remember their way into this world:

from a safe place close to their mother

they had to find there way into our world....

Not an easy way....

and not an easy world to come in to

at the moment...

I hope they will all remember this,

and we should remember it to...

We all like to be comfortable and we only

grow if we are 'uncomfortable'.

It is an 'uncomfortable' year for us all...

a year to help us to make the next step,

a birth of a new world.

Just like a baby has to trust

that life will be ok after birth,

we have to trust that life

will be ok after 2020.

The birth process is scary and 

also shows us that after 'a dark place/time', 

light will come.

Do we still remember this as adults?

Do we trust that we will be ok,

that after dark, light will come?

Do we remember that

the 'in between' can be scary,

the way from the dark to the light


it is needed.

Needed, so we remember

that we are more powerful than we realise.

It's good to take time to remember...

A child will come in this world,

exactly at the right time....

Do we trust this timing?

Do you have patience with yourself

and do you trust that there is a the perfect time

for you...

How patient are we with ourselves

do we remember that each of us

has it's own perfect time

and there is no competition...?

How do you talk to your inner child?


Live your life

just the way you want to,

take you time,

enjoy, play and be happy.

You have chosen two great parents,

who will be there for you if you have challenges...

You have to go through them yourself

but not alone...

They showed that 

when you were born....

just remember....

Also remember that you can ask for help,

you don't have to do it alone....

remember the doctor and nurses in the hospital....

everyone was there for you.

Also remember that there were guides, angels at your side,

they will stay with you all your life.

Wouldn't this also be a good reminder of ourselves:

we ARE protected,

we ARE guided


we are sometimes stubborn

and 'need' some help to grow....

so we can go back to who we are: 

Light and Love.

Because of the Corona virus,

we can not visit Zoe the coming time.

Of course it would be great to hug and hold her,


I also see it as a gift,

a gift for her:

now she can stay in her bubble a little longer:

from the warm womb,

to a warm home together with mom and dad.

For sensitive people this is great,

they have to get used to this world 

and mom and dad 

are more then enough.

Can you set your own boundaries?

Protect yourself from people/social media/books/environment

and choose what YOU want,

the part that is light and love?

A birth is a challenging journey,

it shows everything about growing,

about transformation.

It show us  that challenges and growing

belong together.

It also showed

that you don't have to do it alone...

You can not predict the challenges you get,

and when you get them.

They come at the right time

and you can deal with them when they come....

just remember your birth,

your first challenge and it will be ok.

Everyone has a special talent,

a unique talent.

You, Zoe will find yours,

just by living.

Always remember your light....

be YOU, 

so you and all the souls who came at this time

can help us and show us

'to Be the change we want to see in the world'

The world is sometimes 'loud and noisy',

sometimes people react like this 

to hide their insecurity,

it has nothing to do with you.

Your parents will protect you

and later on you can decide to listen to it, or not...

you will learn you can chose

and....chose again 

and chose different...

 if that feels better.

I got a video with your namesong

I think it would be to much for you now ;-)

but in a few years you will love it:-),

what a great reminder.....

to life.....

to enjoy....

to experience,

to be happy.

A reminder for each of us,

we are all on the road from dark to light,

so we can live a life we choose.

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