Wednesday 7 October 2020

Let wisdom grow....part 1


We get the chance to change this

with Mercury going retrograde.....

It is a period of listening to ourselves,

dealing with hurt so we can feel our passion again.

It can also become a period of anger,

of lashing out, protesting, hurting

of blaming.....

Uranus, the planet of authenticity and 'unrest',


is connected with Mercury this time:

are we authentic or do we need 'help'

to become authentic again.

With Mercury going retrograde
we can expect misunderstandings,
about the virus, about rules,
about communications.
-I wonder how the debate 
of Trump and Biden will go.....-

Do we chose to go inside 
and clear 'the rest of the old stuff',
or do we need a lockdown again....

It is so special to see how different we all are
and how much alike.....
We live close to the German border
and still there is a big difference.

The law in Holland has a lot of respect for the people,

so people need to take there own responsibility.

Some say 'the government should make more rules mandatory,

like in Germany, because there are less Covid spreads!'

In Germany the law is different.....

and there 

they can be more strict.

Is this better or worse?

I am glad with the rules in Holland,

even though we have challenges because of that.

I believe we should be responsible,


I also realise we have wounds with authority/parents as well,

and we can project our wounds in society....

So what do you need to experience?

Is it less freedom,

being ill,

losing a job?

Most of the time it has to do with 

fear, lack of control

accepting and trust.

'Helping you' to be YOU again: 

love, peace, abundance.

We all know now, that nature

is stronger than all of us......

a little virus, we can not even see,

is stronger than us...

Is this virus mirroring us 

other 'viruses' we see in society?

How is our contact and respect for nature?

How do we deal with each other?

Do children feel safe to be themselves 

or do we as society 'tell them'

to look at a certain way,

to see money as the highest good 

instead of feeling good.

Can YOU be yourself?

If not:

What are your triggers?

If you really want to help the world to change,
pay close attention to YOUR triggers....

One of my triggers:
- the facemask: 'why should I wear it?!?'

How many times in my life 
I felt I couldn't say what I wanted to say...
that I 'should' listen to others, even if I didn't agree....

I realised it is an old feeling,
a feeling that I could choose to let go:
I am not a child/ a teenager anymore,
I am an adult,
I can choose with respect and responsibility.

If I have to wear a facemask to help stop the pandemic, I will,
even though I am not sure this is the cure.....
I can now, 
because I Know I can say what I want,
I am an adult now, 
not a child that feels 'wronged'.

Another trigger was a program on the tv
about getting rid of tattoos.
People who regretted their decision
of getting a tattoo....
Moving stories.
You can get a tattoo in a few minutes,
to get rid of it takes many sessions,
often a few years.....

Is this not how we deal with grief,
letting go of habits/patterns?
It takes time........

Another trigger 
were 'the program' books, 
by Suzanne Young.
About dealing with or deleting memories....
next time more about this.

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