Wednesday 28 October 2020

Love and forgiveness....part 2

One more week to go 

with the energy of Mercury retrograde.

Will you choose to go inside and use this energy,

realising that this will be the change that is needed in the world?

Is there 'a war' in yourself?

If you look at yourself and your environment
you will see the signs of war:

-if your body is in pain, or not in balance
-if you attract negativity
-if you react instead of respond
-if you compare yourself
-if your impatient.

Choose to deal with the war inside of you,
because that is the only way to peace.

If this relates to you:
take your time....
it takes as long as needed,
be grateful
be nice to yourself,
you are stronger than you realize..

Also realise that our world is in this transformation,
and it needs YOU for this transformation...

This quote could be 
about someone else,
even the government....

Let's make it personal...

Choose to look inside yourself.
Can you forgive your self?

'Forgiving my self.....
Forgiving my inner child:
it isn't sorry... 
Why should it:
it was 'just surviving'
protecting me, the way it thought best.....
for me as a child it worked,
only not for me as an adult.....'

Even though it was the best for 
me as a child to feel loved,
it wasn't the best for me, 
my Soul,
for my self worth....
I forgot I already was love....

Or could it be 
that this was the only way
for me to grow, to heal,
and that it is now the time
to transform,
to 'grow up',
that I am/ We are ready....

Can you say 'I am sorry' to this part of you?

Decide not to judge yourself,
decide to accept.

Decide to look at your shadows. 
showing in the world around you.
Decide to look at your inner child
that only wants love.
It created an ego to help it
to live on this earth.

Only it went to far....
it became an immature ego,
it forgot to 
'Just be'
and that our soul is on a journey
to grow..

Our 'job' is
to be happy,
to tolerate,
to grow wisdom,
to be grateful and be at peace.

Can we as adult heal 
and create an healthy ego:
set boundaries when needed
and remember we are all one.

I am sure we can,
I trust we can.
Love can.

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