Saturday 31 October 2020

Love and forgivenis....part 4

'What the world need now....'

50% mom, 50% dad, 100% ME


 On Nov. 12 

we have the last conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto:

do we give our power away or 

are we being honest to look at our own power?

Do we take our time to heal,

or do we want others to heal us.....

Do we still need old rules or can we make new rules,

can we create a new society?

Jupiter and Pluto are both in Capricorn:

it's the sign of patience, 

of determination,

going step by step.

If not, if immature,

it's about depression,

feeling helpless, wanting others to take responsibility,

not allowing yourself to take the time that is needed.

Yes, there is always time for everything,


do we need still more time to be responsible for ourselves?

Do we still need governments to restrict us

or can we be part of the solution?

I hear people say: 'the government is way to strict'

and also: 'they should be more strict, they are to weak'.....

What is the truth?

Is there one truth, 

or depends it on the people?

It is not an outside job anymore,

it is an inside job.....

So the change cannot come from outside,

the only way is transformation....

starting with each of us

For me there is only one truth and that is Love.....

What would love do......

Love will show us what is important.

love gives us as much time as needed to heal.

Love will show us the way back to you,

the you inside,

it will do it

in  a way IT thinks is needed,

is 'best'.....

It seems we need more time to go inside,

we as society are not ready....yet.....

We can get more and more information

on internet, media, social media and

this worked for a lot of years,

and is still important.


did this information transform us,

or did it 'only' changed our thinking,

not our doing.....

and did we forget to think for ourselves....

was it easier that someone else was thinking for us...

Remember that you don't always know the consequents of your actions,

but you have to take responsibility for them....

How is it in your life?

'What would love do.......'

Probably it would tell you,

that you can choose differently next time 

and for now: 'deal with the consequents'


'You get as much changes as you need,

it is not a competition.'

This is a version of  'turn, turn, turn'

by Ilse de Lange.

She felt a bit insecure because it was not a song from her,

but she still did it,

to make someone happy,

and by that made lots of people happy!

In the whole world there is insecurity,

we don't know how this 'new world' will be:

do we do use our courage to go through our insecurity

to help make the world a nicer place to be?

Can we be thankful for our 'old world'

and take the best with us to the new world,

and let go what is not needed anymore,

and fill the space with wonder....with peace, with love.....

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