Thursday 1 October 2020

October energy.......relationship, beauty

On Sept 29th Saturn went direct and on Oct. 5th Pluto goes direct as well.

What did we learn about ourselves the last months?

Did we look at our own patterns and is it now time to move forward?


do we need an authority to tell us what we need to do.....

How many of us still think about punishment, 

guilt, shame if they think about authority

instead of 'a loving father/mother' who will guide us....

How many of us use the Mars energy 

as anger towards themselves or others,

instead of action to bring us where we want to go....

Can you accept that what you created
was something you deep down needed....
needed to help you heal,
needed to grow....
Not in a conscious way.....
you would straight go to abundance if you could ;-)
but in a subconscious way.....

Before I became a teacher,
I had to study before I really was one,
before I taught Astrology,
I had to study it first 
and that took time.
Being the best we can be
-love and peace at all time-
takes time as well.....

I heard about Joe Biden and Donald Trumps debate

and it makes me wonder:

do we still need these mirrors?!?

I choose not to watch.

When I read about it,

I could understand why people

lost trust...

are doubtful about authority....

In Holland they strongly advise people to wear facemasks

in all public least for 3 weeks...

I don't have to do it, but..... 

should I?.....

I am not sure yet....

Oct 14, Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Scorpio...

an emotional sign, 

It wants us to look at our deepest emotions,

our deepest fear, our passion.....

Do we communicate with ourselves in a loving confronting way?

Will we deal with our own issues 

or will we project it in society.....the outside world...

Passion, deep emotions are ok 

if there is respect,

if there is knowledge.

If not, then insecurity comes up

and people 'need' to raise there voices

as if that is the way to hide the 'not knowing'.....

October is the month of the Libra and Scorpio sign in.

Libra: relationships, beauty, integrity,

the mediator, 

seeing each other to find a middle way.

Instead of reacting: responding....

listening to hear,

finding a middle way that is good for both.

Scorpio: deep emotions, Truth.

Relationships shouldn't only look nice on the outside,

it should be good on the inside as well.

There is passion and....if not feeling safe,

a 'volcano energy':

sudden outbursts, serious illnesses.

On the other hand: also the power to heal,

to transform...


Can we, 

after dealing with ourselves and our outdated patterns,

connect with others,

be honest, respectful,

confront and let us be confronted,

so we have an honest and passionate relation.

How is it in your relationships?

How honest are you?

Do you realise you are bringing in old patterns in a relationship as well


are you prepared to change them if that is best for both of you?

Not by giving in to your morals, your truth,

but by finding a way that is good for all,

because there is A truth, not THE truth...


you do to others as what you want them to do for you...


leaves are falling,

it looks as if nature is 'dying'....


We are not sad,

because we Know,

next year everything will start again,

and in the meantime we enjoy the colouring of the leaves.

Let's trust that the transformation

we are going through as  human beings,

will be a cycle as well.....

Something new will come.

We have to be patient...

It looks like we are not ready yet

for the next phase....

we are not a butterfly yet.....


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