Tuesday 6 April 2021

Going over the rainbow bridge.....or not...Chiron

 Aren't we all wounded people?

Isn't our society not wounded?

Aren't the family's we were born in not wounded?

I think they are...

and I think it is not all that bad....

If there were not wounds to heal,

we would stay in our comfort zone,

we would not grow, 

life would be boring......

Because of our wounds

combined with our soul missions

we become curious, take action.

We become 'rebellious'.

Deep down we all want the same:

love and understanding,

a good life for ourselves AND the people around us.

Wounds start early:

Some baby's start with crying a lot,

to want to be hold,

to want to be safe:

the first wounds start.....

At the age of 3, 

Mars becomes active:

'I want!' and....

not what my mom or dad wants.

Did you parents let you,

or wasn't that always possible.....

wasn't it safe....

Can you set boundaries now,

do you do what you 'want'?

At around 12 you need to choose

the next step in education.

Could you choose a school you wanted

or did you family, your grades

decided what was 'best' for you ....?

And then around 28 you have to do it yourself.

Can you? Or are there still 'wounds'....

wounds that you don't realise you have,

wounds that have to do with

what people expect from you,

what society expect of you........

And this is true.....

you can go on living with your 'wounds'....

and then,

around 36/38 till 42.

 life will 'help you'....

If you didn't dealt with some of your wounds,

they will come up.....

You start to realise,

that perhaps you are surviving instead of living....

and you have make changes,

if you want to live the life you want to....

If you don't, 

it can be as if you are building a house

on quick sand......the outside looks good,

but you don't FEEL good.....

This process is the process we see in the world now.

The process from Saturn to Uranus.

And to go there 

we have to cross over the 'Chiron' bridge.

We have to deal with our wound...

Do we deal with it 

or are we finding excuses.....

Do we prefer to believe 

what we read and see in the outside world,

or do we confront our deepest wound.....

Do we prefer to look for excuses,

or do we take responsibility.

Do we choose to live or do we go on surviving...


Fear of not being loved.

In the beginning of our lives we NEEDED our parents.

'What do I have to do to make sure

that they love me? I do e v e r y t h i n g.....' 

In society: fear of rulers.....do they take care of me

AND let me be me.....

Are the rules fair or 

-like some of the rules of my parents-

not fair....

Do we act towards society

with wounds of our own past....

We are work in progress

society is work in process.

We all have 'only' one mission:

to deal with our OWN wound,

and realising that each of us are wounded.

Some dealt with them a bit earlier,

and some don't realise they are wounded...yet.

Compassion and understanding

instead of guilt and shame

will help us go through this process a lot quicker.

Be proud and be patient

for your self


for the people around you...

we are all in the same boat :-)


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