Sunday 11 April 2021

Wounds and choices....part 2


You can call me a 'conscious vaccinator':
in the past I choose 
which one I wanted and what I didn't want.

When I got my job in Oman,
I had to get some vaccinations....
I had a choice...only.....
I wanted the job more than to reject the vaccination.

We have a choice, always....
The only thing with choices is,
that they have consequences..
If you choose 
you Have to take the consequences as well.....

How do you make your choices:
do you choose from fear
or from power/love.....

We all choose relationships,
sometimes we don't know the consequences
and don't like them in the end.
Luckily we can choose different, 
deal with the consequences
and heal....
choose love instead of fear...

I choose to drive a car,
the consequences are that I have to be alert
and drive safely: I am not the only one on the road....
If I would choose to go by train,
this would be different....

I choose to walk or bike every day,
to make sure my immune system gets a boost
and my mind is clear.
The consequences are that sometimes 
I have to walk in the rain or even in a hailstorm....

I choose to visit people, also older people
in this corona time.
The consequences are that I have to make
sure I am healthy, 
that I take my distance
and if that is not always possible,
I have to be more careful.....
I can choose not to do it,
stay home and complain,
complain about the things I can not do,
instead of doing what I can do......

The other day I got an invitation,
an invitation for a vaccination.
My choice......
It is a vaccination with AstraZeneca vaccine....
What is my choice?

I think my immune system is good and
my self healing ability as well.
I know my age is over 60,
but still....

I don't have to do it for my self...
only I am part of society as well,
I Know my 'I' is important for the 'We'

Then there is all the media attention
about the side effects.....
Did it touch my fear?
And if it did, 
am I going through my fear
and make a conscious decisions,
or I 'just' react to my fear.....
forgetting that only love heals....

All medicine have side effects....
Some people choose to take high blood pressure medicine
because the side effects are better
than having the high blood pressure....
Some people, lots of woman, 
take birth control pills:
the side effects 
are worse than the AstraZeneca vaccine....

Every time you make a choice,
sometimes for your self,
sometimes for  you and your partner
-birth control-
sometimes for 'the group'/ society.

When I went to Oman,
I did it because I choose to work there
and that country 
only wanted vaccinated people
to protect it's people.

For me that is the reason
why I choose to get my vaccination:
to make sure that the hospitals 
or better the doctors and nurses
can 'breath again'.....
perhaps I/we will get sick,
but it would not be that bad 
that we have to end up in the hospital.

We are all One....
take responsibility for yourself and the other.

To be honest:
my first reaction was fear.....
very quickly I realised it was
fear from the media.......
it had touched something inside of me.
I took time to look inside
and deal with it.....
A choice should never be made by fear...

I heard a woman at a demonstration shout:
'we are awake!'....
and I wondered.....
Is she taking birth control pills?
Is she conscious about where she buys her cloths,
buys her food?
Is she investing in her immune system
and realises that stress is not helping?
Why is she shouting?

How do we know if we really are 'awake'?
I investigate opposite sides
and still:
'do I get the whole picture?!?'
I don't know.....

I like to stay curious, to keep investigating,
to heal, 
and to feel, 
if I react from emotion or respond,
and react from intuition.
From fear or love.

I like to stay in a state of realising
that I don't know all....
a state of wonder...
Realising that:
'We are One'
And to make 'the One' whole,
I 'only' have to make sure
that my part, the 'I' is the best it can be....
Love, peace and happiness.....

Do I think everyone should be vaccinated?
That is not on me.....
YOU have to make your own choice
a conscious choice,
one from Love instead of Fear.


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