Thursday 1 April 2021

Life is good....just the way it is.....Saturn/Uranus

 I read an article in a weekly magazine

 about young people/young parents

who will not live long anymore 

because of an illness.

All with young children.....

This article came just after I read the book of 

Bibian Mentel, 'Leef'.

A snowboarder who got cancer many time

and still became an Olympic gold medalist.

It brought me back to my own experience....

most likely an experience where there is still some

healing to do.....

or else it wouldn't touch me......


Could it be that it would be a reminder

to share my experience with others.....

Could it be that it is like the corona crises

a reminder for us all......

A reminder to enjoy life NOW....

not to wait for 'a better moment'.....

Now is the best moment....

I love my life,

I am grateful for the signs:

some make me happy,

others help me to look inside to help me 

to let go what is not needed anymore

and let light in....


Do we need challenges like this 

in our life to deal with our issues?

Did we 'attract' something like corona

to help us to remind us what is really important

because we wouldn't/ didn't 

want to deal with it other wise?

A politician in Holland helped a lot of people

and after the elections it looked like

his colleague politicians didn't like it so much

and are trying to 'get rid of him'.....

It is not working......

the people who were helped by him 

are standing up for him now.

Is he defending himself?

No.....he is not and he doesn't have to.....

the truth will come out....


Some extreme Christian religious groups

started to go to the church again with big group,

not using masks....

They assaulted journalists.....

Every religion has one basic rule: love.....

What is going on?


It is almost Eastern,

celebration of light.

The story of Mozes:

letting go of the 'safety of Egypt'

-even though they were suppressed,

it was a comfort zone...-

to go for freedom.

It was not an easy task....

freedom has responsibility's.


After fasting, 

letting go,

new light can come in.

With this new light, this freedom,

comes responsibility's


Did you make room in side of you

to get new light in,

to remember YOUR power,

to highlight your self confidence

to live a live of happiness and abundance?

If not....

don't worry,

take the first step,

it will bring you a long way.....

Life is good.....just the way it is....

If we start to accept this,

we can move forward

and -if needed- make different choices.

Can you accept your life as it is now,

or do you choose to be stuck.......

Bibian Mental, the paralympic snowboarder

died from cancer this week.

The cancer came back many times.

She was a young mother when she got it the first time.

Her goal: 

'I want to live till my son is at least 18 years old'.

Her son is 18 now.....

She also wanted to show that you  can choose....

that everyone of us is more powerful than we realise.

That we are all unique and are part of society.


Her most important quote:

'Collect memory's instead of possessions'

Mentelity Foundation | Motivation to move!

My wish after getting cancer

chanced after a few years....

First it was 

'I want to raise my children myself

till they are old enough to live by themselves'

then I changed it. 

I realised what I wished for

after both my parents died in 1998.

First my mom, 

and only a few month later my dad.

He said: 

'It is good. We always prayed at night that we would live

till all the kids had their own spot and were independent,

and now they all are.'

I decided to change my wish....

I have an image in my head of my grandma with my mom.

They came to visit me in the hospital

 to admire their first grand- and great grandchildren.

My new wish:

I wish that my children take me with them

to show me their first grandchild......

And....till then 

'I keep on collecting memories'

What is your wish?

Is there something old blocking -Saturn-

that is preventing you to be free to choose -Uranus-?

Do you take responsibility, time and 

do you have patience for yourself -Saturn-

to be unique, yourself -Uranus-?

Do you respect your parents, leaders,

scientists, rules -Saturn-

and also respect the group, society,

yourself -Uranus-?

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