Friday 2 April 2021

Life is good....just the way it is...... part 3

 After letting go of some old emotion of being sick,

and some about the family trauma,

I got a 'sign' of society.....

The prime minister in Holland is/was in big trouble

about the politician who they wanted to 'get rid of'....

-I am not sure if that is the truth but the media is on top of it-

He is 'at fault'....

I couldn't watch it, it effected me big time and....

I didn't even vote for him!

So, what was going on?!?

It took me a while.....

Jaap was telling me that it was how politics work

and I shouldn't be effected

and he is right.....I know....but still.....

why am I so effected by it?!?

I realised that it was as if I felt for this prime minister....

as if I had been in a same situation......

I was......

I was in a situation that I was blamed....

I knew at the time that some things I did were not right.

I did them because 

'my upline said it was ok'

'I wouldn't hurt anyone with it,

I only helped people' and.....

'the company is rich enough'

I hid behind someone......

because it looked like she did it right....

or better.... 'got away with it'.....

So.....'it must be ok'....

and my intuition was side lined.....

In the beginning I didn't want to be part of her group,

to much didn't feel good so

I build my own group.

And then I 'got signs' that is was important that I connected.

I did....

I helped a lot of people,

connected with a group

and although my intuition told me somethings were not right

it 'looked like' it was ok.....

- now I know that I was hiding....

'afraid' of being part of a group/society


Isn't that what is going on in politics?

I read it in the book from Obama,

now I see it in the Dutch politics.

And straight away 

parts of Obama's book come to mind:

'they didn't know all, 

and we couldn't share the whole story


the media was roasting us....'

Do we need changes in politics?

As I see it: yes, we do...... needs to come from inner power,

not from blaming and reacting

Why did this happen to me?

How come I couldn't speak up.....

It was -as I wrote in older blogs-

from past hurt.....

My upline mirrored something in me

that needed healing....

When at one time I was asked by management

what was going on,

I was honest and....

expected my upline to be honest to.....

She wasn't......

It looked as if that was the best thing to do:

she was, after turmoil, reinstated,

and acted as if nothing was wrong.

I didn't defend myself,

trusted that people Knew me......


I found out that by not defending myself,

some people believed I was to be blamed.....

Is that what triggered me about the prime minister?

Not everything is clear but he get's the blame....

no one is remembering the good he did....

-he did, or else he would not have gotten so many votes....-

Do I blame myself for not defending me,

or do I feel exposed that it felt I had to defend myself.

I had 'proof' of the dishonesty of my upline...

A few years later 

one of my 'colleagues' at the time

asked me to meet with her.

Someone I felt has integrity


didn't talk to me after all that happened.

We talked about the situations at that time

and I asked her 

why she asked me to meet her

after so many years, 

and why she never

asked about my side of the story.

She confided that she wanted 

to talk to me because she worked with

'my upline' in an other way and had some doubts

about her integrity......

I could confirm her story.....

I believe in karma.....

I don't know exactly how it works,

but I know it works.....

Not always in the time you want it,

but it will happen......


I was lucky to have some colleagues

who turned out to be real friends,

and family that loved me unconditional....

What do I see in parliament:

Someone is blamed and attacked....

I see some attackers not doing it for the peoples good,

but for their own:

'new elections', 'he always lies'........

It seems as if they are 'jealous'....

can not deal with not getting what they want

after they did

a lot of 'reacting and shouting'....

I believe that we are all like the sun,

and like the sun in our chart,

we are born to shine,

each in an unique way.

We are alone 


we are all together!

So how important is this crises in Dutch parliament?

It is a Saturn/Uranus crisis.....

We as society are a mirror of the parliament.

Van Omzicht, the member of parliament they

'wanted to get rid of' is the underdog.....

Working hard to make it right for people who need him.

He is Seen now........

Are you standing up for people who help others,

do you feel like an underdog?

Are people listening to you

and are you being heard?

Rutte, the prime minister is the one who is blamed

for a sentence the media saw

after a scout,

who was talking with party's about a new cabinet,

had to leave. 

She had to leave 

because she got the results of her Corona test.....

She was positive and left in a hurry,

not realising 

that people could read the papers she was holding........

tele lenses reveal a lot.... 


Most likely this had to come out,

because 'something' wasn't right.....

How honest are you? 

Do you realise

you make mistakes like everyone 


can choose to make them right again?

Or do you feel insecure

and don't you speak up,

or do you feel you have to defend yourself.....

The scout cried, 

the prime minister was defending.

Wilders and Baudet, 

two people of the opposite party's,

where blaming, pointing fingers,

being rude......

they wanted more voters to vote for  them,

but they didn't....

Is this the way to get what they want?

Is this all important for me?

If I see it as a mirror: yes.

They help me/us to look at ourselves and heal

To move from an immature Saturn/Uranus

to a mature one.....

To let go of guilt and shame and take responsibility

and take the time to get it right.

To change rules and regulations that are old and out dated

and be more open,

so everyone is feeling heard.

I still work with the company.

My relation with them changed.

I choose for an other upline,

and are still using their products.

I see challenges: 

they changed good products

because there was not enough profit......

I realised that a lot of the managers

are still manager of 'the old energy':

profit is more important than people....

They are not in it for the greater good,

but primarily for the money.

How much fear and lack is there is still

in their system?

I believe it is possible to chance this:

there can be profit/benefit for the company and for the users.

The big challenge:


Could it be that we have to keep looking in ourselves

and see if we work from inner power,

or from fear, from lack.....

A leaders goal should be 

to lead by example,

by integrity.

Knowing that:

You and The other, 

The other and you,

are the same......

We are all one.

I wish you all the spirit of Easter:

Let go and let light in.

A new beginning.

Life is good....just the way it is.....

Jesus had to die to live....

Dying is letting go,

making space for new.

Making space for new,

so we go from surviving

to living....


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