Wednesday 21 April 2021

Judging....we are all the same and different....

 I love this image....

both were close, 

having their meal together,

moving around

all in peace and happiness....

How is this with us....

Can we stay with ourselves

next to each other,

Knowing there is enough for all,

only focusing on what we need

and makes us happy...

I believe we all judge.....

we shouldn't condemn.....

a big difference...


If you look at the story's in the media,

on Facebook and in newspapers,

it looks like there are bad and good people,

stupid and clever ones,

people that are 'asleep' or 'a wake'.

How come we do this?

Could it be that we are afraid of parts of ourselves?

parts we condemn and want to keep hidden?

Parts of us that are not healed yet?

How come we still talk about mistakes

as something that is bad......

If we would never make a 'mistake'....

how would we learn?!?

If you see all kind of mistakes in other people,

could it be that is to hide your one mistakes?

Do you condemn yourself for it

and don't want to deal with it?

How come you can not forgive yourself....

How come you are so afraid.....

so afraid that someone will see you in a way

you think they don't approve......

Realise and choose....
Realise we are all the same....
we all want to be happy and healthy
live in peace
Realise we ARE LOVE....
situations in our past put layers around it.
Fear did this.....

We can choose for love
and let go of the walls
or choose for fear
and let the walls be......
We can stay a victim or be a victor....

In Holland there will be less restrictions starting next week.
There are still lots of people on the IC
and a lot of people are contaminated.
A reporter asked:
'Why now, is it safe enough?!?'
The prime minister:
'We choose to take a risk,
we see a change
-even if it is not in the day numbers-
and we have to look at the community as well.
To go back to an more open society
we have to take risks...
and we think this is a good one'

Can we as society take our responsibility
and help open up society?
I hope so.
When asked why they didn't open zoo's or
sports clubs
he said:
'We did this last year and we got the results....
everything had to close again....'

In June we have the second square of Saturn/Uranus.
We will be tested :-)
Can we be responsible AND be part of society?
We will see....
Let's choose to go from victim reality
to victor reality.
Knowing we are on a path.....not at our destination yet...
We are both asleep and awake,
'good' and 'bad',
we are all human
different and the same.

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