Saturday 10 April 2021

Wounds and choices....part 1

I believe that whatever you choose in life,
it is to help you 
to heal your wounded mind.
Help you
to make you whole again.....

Your choice of parents
-I believe YOU choose...-
and later on 
your choice of 
friends and relationships,
education and profession.

These choices,
in the beginning,
are subconscious.
Choices from your soul,
choices to help you heal....

To heal 
you need determination,
and patience.
First you need to learn to live,
to survive, in the world your born in.
Your parents are 'helping' you with this....

For me this is the lesson of Saturn.....
You learn you to be patient,
learn to be responsible,
learn to survive,
to take care of yourself.

If you can do this
-around 28/29 year of age,
you should know how to do this-
it is time for the next step.

The biggest challenge for us,
in this next step,
is to from guilt, shame and fear
to patience, determination 
and being responsible.

To do this we have to raise our consciousness,
realising that we are unique
we are not born to survive,
we are born to live,
to be happy and enjoy life.

Do you live your life,
or the life, someone else/society
thought was good for you.....

I watched the movie 'White tiger'.
It is a story about the consciousness
of a whole nation.

'Can we get out of the rooster pack,
or do we believe we can not...
Do we realise we are in a rooster pack?!?'

It is about India....
stuck in 'Saturn'....
Not believing that YOU have a choice,
still believing 
you have to do as you have been told....
afraid of going over the rainbow bridge, Chiron,
to Uranus......
being unique, authentic...

Shocking and interesting....
especially in the time we live in now....
What does it mirror us.....?

Do you really believe everything is possible
or do you still have doubts...
Do you believe you can live Uranus,
or do you feel stuck in Saturn....

Do you feel strong enough
to speak up quiet...?
Are you being patient,
and be 
'the change you want to see in the world'?
Or do you think you have to 'force' it.....

With Saturn/Uranus

we 'want' to build from a solid new foundation.

A world that doesn't only look good,

but is solid as well, sustainable....

Do we need to do this by force

or step by step,


I believe the last one....

we shouldn't cut corners...

we shouldn't blame and shame....

we should take responsibility....

first for ourselves....

Let go of fear and start to love, to trust again.

Do you have issues with your upbringing?

With your parents,

society your lived in,

religious believes

or friends who turned out not to be friends?

Whatever they did 

and you blame them,

realise YOU choose and.....

as an adult you can also choose to forgive 

and take the next step..

But have to see it,

realise it

like in 'white Tiger'

that you are 'in a rooster pack'...

and you want 'to get out'

This is the start of healing your wounded mind.

If you realise and accept where you are,

you can make the next step....

If will stay a victim,

you will stay in 'a rooster pack',

only a different one.....

How strong is your 'I' in the 'We'?

Do you feel you can be YOU and 

contribute to society?

Are you prepared to look at your wounds

and Know that your soul is whole,

do you take time to heal?

More and more people are looking for

and seeing signs that help them heal.

They recognize them

because they made a commitment.

A commitment

to become whole again,

to live an abundant life.

If you do,

you are being helped.....

WE are being helped.....

We 'wanted' a new/different society,

it was a commitment deep down 

for a lot of people.

Now we get 'Corona' to help us...

We get lot's of 'cancelations'

so we get lot's of time to choose to heal,

to let go of control

and trust....

Probably this is the way

we, as society, 

can heal in the best way....

I also saw 'the serpent'.
A story about the 70's.
It was the beginning of the age of Aquarius,
people wanted to be free,
unique, themselves.

Young people travelled around the world,
a lot went backpacking to Thailand, India and Peru:
'spiritual' places....
Using drugs, alcohol,
connecting to new people
that all people were looking for the same:
love and peace.

I believe in trusting,
I know now that trusting and boundaries
belong together.....
as rules belong to freedom...

Not all of them had a strong Saturn,
didn't know how to set boundaries.
People like 'the Serpent' used this
and a lot of young people were 
robed and even killed....

Now we are again in an energy of Uranus,
we want to connect with people,
we want to be free,
we want 'love and peace'.
Are we ready now?

Can we make choices from a healed mind?
Can we connect AND set boundaries....
can we?
Now it is the internet....
we connect with the world,
we don't need a backpack....

Do we believe all that we read,
do we trust without boundaries....
just like some people in the 60's/70's did?

I saw headlines: 
'In Texas less corona after stopping facemasks'
It was on face book and people posted and reposted it 
to proof that all the regulations we have now,
are wrong.
I checked......fake news....
Yes, they stopped the restrictions,
that is true, but most important:
'We trust the responsibility of the people
to do what is needed 
when going to shops and restaurant.'
They open 
because the economy is effected to much
and expect people to keep distance
and use facemask if they think it is needed....


Are we ready to take our own responsibility
or do we need more time to heal....
more signs....


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