Monday 26 April 2021



Tomorrow there will be a Supermoon,

the first of 3.

A Supermoon is 14% bigger 

and 30% brighter than a 'normal moon'.

Full moons....

lot's of story's about them...

all about emotions....

The Sun and Moon are opposite each other

at the moment of a full Moon, 

so there is 'a conflict'.

A conflict between your mind and your feeling,

something that wants to be healed,

to be in balance again...

So unsolved emotions can come up
during this time.

With this first Super moon, the planet Pluto
will go retrograde,
we will re-visit situations from the past year.

Situation were we were manipulating ourselves,
not using our own power.
Situations that have to do with fear,
holding on to old believes.

In Holland there will be less restrictions
as from tomorrow:
can we as society use our inner power
and do what is needed 
do we need Pluto to show us we can't ....yet...
Will we see more people getting sick
or even die......
or can we deal with it....

Do we know what is true of false,
or don't we want to know deep down.....

Neptune is involved as well: 
do you use your intuition or
are you reacting from emotions?
Are you still a victim or a victor 
a bit of both in different situations.....
are you in 'a fog'.....

If we want to change the world,
we have to start with ourselves 
and.....we get the chance now!

The second Supermoon is May 26
and the third one June 26.
That is the time when Uranus and Saturn 
will make an exact square for the second time:
can we be responsible for our selves,
let go of old believes/old rules 
realise we are One,
part of society
do we need more time.....

Can you accept that someone else see it their way
and feel for them
or do you think 
you are the only one who sees it the right way....

Pluto will stay retrograde for a half year,
just in time for the last square of Saturn/Uranus.
Will we be ready then?

I have 'a trapped' nerve in my back....
a sign of unbalanced energy....
I wake up at night because it 'wants' attention....
Dreams give me signs and I know the theme.... is not over yet.....
It takes some more attention,
more love and...
patience ;-)

Knowing with your head is one thing...
to let go, emotional letting go, 
is a second one....

Years ago, this was the reason 
I wanted to heal......
I didn't want to pass my wounds
to my children....

Now I still am in the process of healing,
only now there is another reason as well:
I choose to have a happy life.....
I realise,
 that years ago,
I didn't/couldn't do it for my self ...yet,
I didn't think I was worth it.....
I did it from an energy of guilt and shame,
or being responsible for everyone 
and 'forgetting' that I deserved better as well....

My kids helped me to start,
now I choose more and more to do it for ME....
Can you relate?
If you are not a parent,
it is still important for you....
We all can make sure we treat children 
the way they need to be treated....
with love....
By doing this we not only help them,
we also help our inner child....

Knowing and accepting,
 that they are exactly as they should be.
Looking at their emotions 
and see signs:
mirrors for our own wounds,
mirrors of our owns uniqueness.
Uniqueness we don't know we have,
not able to own yet.....

Pieter Riezebos is a famous artist,
living in Shanghai.
Born in the Netherlands and....'a misfit'......
an authentic person who wasn't seen by society......

His motto to all kids who feel different,
not being seen:
'Look at me, if I can do it,
you can do it as well'...

sometime you have to go trough the dark night of the soul,
to find yourself......

The coming half year we will get lot's of opportunity's....
Opportunity's to transform
so we can be ourselves/authentic.....

And if we can, 
if we choose to, 
we can contribute to society,
by being ourselves,
without the need to prove,
without the need to blame and shame.
Reclaiming our intuition,
and shine in our own way.

If I look at pictures from last year,
I see that the whether was warmer,
nature more in bloom,
and much greener than this year.....
We have to be a bit more patient......

Let's be there for each other the coming months.
Let's respond instead of react.
Let's remember we are all in the same boat,
we are guided, get signs
and are born to be happy!

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